Few people realise how complicated and time-consuming Executor’s duties are. Furthermore, mistakes in obtaining probate and/or administering an estate can lead to destructive family disputes and leave the Executor personally liable if a claim is commenced in court. By entrusting us to advise and represent you, you can be confident that your duties as an Executor are performed correctly.

Can you help me if I am dealing with a family death without a Will?

Discovering your loved one died without making a Will or their Will is invalid adds further stress to an already difficult time. We will take the worry off your shoulders and advise you in appointing an administrator and ensure you are fully aware of how the rules of intestacy will apply to any property and assets.

What makes us different?

· We are very experienced in dealing with Estates after a loved one has passed on.

· We genuinely put people at the heart of what we do. Our practice is heavily involved in supporting the community and everyone in the firm cares deeply about the welfare of our clients and each other.

· We have advised a range of Executors with Estates of varying sizes but regardless of the size of the estate, all clients receive our commitment to accuracy, kind and friendly service.

· Our firm is in business for 90 years this year: Trust Our Experience.