There are more collisions every year after the clocks go back, than the fortnights preceding them, although the worsening weather could also be a factor.

To keep everyone safe, here are some tips when driving in the dark:

1. Using your car lights before sunset and for an hour after sunrise can also help other drivers see you.

2. When using your full beam, be careful not to dazzle oncoming vehicles by dipping once you see them.

3. Watch out for vulnerable road users such as children, the elderly and cyclists as they are at an increased risk at this time of year.

4. Allow more time for your journey so you are not driving under pressure.

5. Have supplies in your car in case of a breakdown such as a blanket, water and snacks in case you have to wait for assistance.

6. It is useful to have a torch should you have to inspect your car.

7. Do not drive with partially de-iced or fogged up windows as this can be very dangerous for you and others.

8. Do not drive when tired. If you find yourself becoming drowsy whilst driving, stop in an appropriate place and take a break.

9. Have your eyes tested regularly to make sure you are wearing the correct prescription glasses. Anti-reflective coating on lenses can also help reduce glare when driving. For assistance, get in touch with: Visioncare, Specsavers, McCanney Opticians, Barrett Opticians, McGrath & McCrystal, Curran Optometrists or The Spectacle Maker

10. Make sure your vehicle is in good working order, check all of your lights are working and consider changing to winter tyres for extra grip. Modern Tyres or WW Tyres can assist you with this.

It won’t be long before winter is upon us once the dark nights set in. The cold weather can bring hazards on its own so it is important that you prepare now for the months ahead.