A Will is a legal document that spells out your wishes regarding care of your children, as well as distribution of your assets after your death. Here are 6 reasons why everyone should have one:

1. It gives you certainty over who will administer your estate and, more importantly, who will benefit from it.

2. We provide you with a fixed fee quote so that you know exactly were you stand from the beginning.

3. We make sure you have an expertly drafted Will which reflects your wishes and strategy for providing for loved ones after you die.

4. We listen carefully and document meticulously, ensuring your wishes regarding property, assets, children, pets and treasured possessions are followed.

5. We can also advise on broader issues such as Nursing Home fees, dealing with life insurance and pension policies in the most tax-efficient manner. Forgetting about the planning opportunities offered by these assets could cost you thousands of pounds of unnecessary inheritance tax.

6. We can help you review your current and potential future assets and decide if you need to undertake further planning to minimise the inheritance tax that may be payable upon your death.

Many law firms advise on Wills, so why choose us?

· We are very experienced in drafting Wills.

· We have advised a range of clients – from high-net-worth families setting up complex family trusts, to young couples seeking to draft their Will after their first-home purchase.

· Regardless of the size of the legal matter, all clients receive our commitment to accuracy, kind and friendly service.

· Our firm is in business for 90 years this year: Trust Our Experience.