Wind Farm Legal Advice

Wind farms are a recent form of farm diversification with the actual turbines taking up a small area, allowing the surrounding land to still be used for grazing

Payments will normally be made by a developer either as rent or as a percentage of the power produced. We can advise landowners and developers in negotiating agreements for the location and operation of wind turbines and wind farms.   We have previously advised groups of landowners on commons rights and their implications for wind farm development.

We can provide help in the following areas:

  • Planning advice and appeals
  • Leases and farm business tenancies
  • Option agreements and leases for Wind Farms
  • Bank financing, due diligence and security
  • Health and Safety
  • Appropriate levels of payment by developers
  • Negotiation of access rights

Normally the bulk of the legal costs, including perfecting any deficiencies in the landowner’s legal title, are paid for by the Developer.