Personal Injury

If you or your child, has had an accident or been involved in a car crash, in the last three years in Omagh, County Tyrone or anywhere in Northern Ireland and you think that someone else was at fault, even partly, we can advise you how to pursue a claim for compensation. Our specialist personal injury solicitors will consult with you free of charge in the first instance to establish whether or not you have a strong case.

You can recover compensation for your personal injuries together with any financial losses such as loss of wages, car hire, depreciation of your car, private physiotherapy fees, taxi/bus fares, help provided by family members in the home, adaptions to your home, paying for gardening or home maintenance. We can arrange treatment from medical experts to help in your rehabilitation if requested at the outset.

Our range of experience in personal injury claims includes:

  • injuries received from road accidents
  • accidents at work
  • industrial diseases
  • clinical/medical negligence and birth injuries
  • slipping or tripping in a public place
  • injuries received while on holiday abroad

Have you been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault?

We can now provide car hire, recovery from the roadside and the repairs carried out by your garage, as well as dealing with any personal injury claim.

  • Vehicle recovery: We can arrange to have your vehicle recovered from the roadside and taken to a repairer of your choice or to a secure storage facility.
  • Approved repairs: We will have your vehicle assessed by an independent engineer and have repairs carried out by a repairer of your choice.
  • Replacement vehicle: While your vehicle is off the road, we can arrange for a replacement vehicle to keep you mobile, this includes: vans, taxis and 4×4’s.
  • Protecting your pocket: All costs should be payable by the insurance company of the at fault driver. You have no insurance excess to pay and your no claims bonus remains unaffected.

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    How to make a personal injury claim:

    At James McNulty & Co. Solicitors, our primary focus is on those victims who unfortunately sustain a brain, spinal, amputation or other serious injury.  Making a claim can be broken up into a number of distinct but sometimes overlapping stages:

    • Free Initial Legal Consultation
    • Letter of Claim
    • Rehabilitation Needs, including Interim Payments
    • Where Liability is Admitted
    • Where Liability is Wholly or Partially Denied
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    How we can help with personal injury claims?

    We have many years of experience advising on personal injury claims and can swiftly tell if a client has a chance of success. You can be confident that if we take on your claim we will work tirelessly, collaborating with expert witnesses and medical professionals where required, to ensure you are compensated fairly.

    To find out more about how we can assist you with your personal injury claim, please call us on 028 8224 2177 to make an appointment.

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    Animal/Farm Injury

    As we are surrounded by countryside and animals, road accidents involving animals or farm machinery are common. If you have sustained injury as a result of coming into contact with farm machinery or an animal, or you are a landowner and your property has sustained damage, we will examine you case at no cost initially and establish whether or not you have a claim for compensation.

    Over our long history in advising people and businesses in the area we have managed personal injury claims resulting from:

    • road accidents caused by straying animals
    • animal bites, kicks and injuries caused from animal related falls
    • farming work-related accidents
    • injuries and diseases caused by exposure to agricultural chemicals

    What to do in a Car Accident:

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    I very much appreciate how sharp James McNulty & Co were in pursuing the accident I had at work.  The regular contact by email and text was very reassuring at a very worrying time for me.  Cathal Murray was able to get me substantial compensation for my personal injuries plus money I paid to have my lawn cut during the summer when I was on crutches and private physio fees.   

    E G
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    Cathal Murray was great to work with. I was very satisfied with the attention my case was given and extremely happy with the outcome. Whilst I hope to never be in such an accident again, I know who to call if it happens. Keep up the good work.

    S C
    Testimonial Symbol

    Fabulous result from Cathal and Heather in sorting out my car accident claim. After my car accident my broker sent me to a repair company that gave me a car the next day but did little else!  McNultys took over the case and had it resolved within a few weeks!  I got paid for the damage to my car as well as depreciation and they arranged the car hire from a local garage.  

    A S
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    Delighted with my injury claim that James McNulty handled for me. I was in a car accident that the other driver claimed was my fault.  I was in hospital for two months with life changing injuries.  McNultys brought in doctors, an engineer, barristers and forensic accountants to build the case against the other driver.  The insurance company finally accepted I was in the right and settled for over £1M.  

    Testimonial Symbol

    The service provided by James McNulty & Co Solicitors was excellent in resolving my personal injury claim. I was hurt in a local shopping centre and fractured my arm.  Cathal Murray was very knowledgeable of the whole claims process which helped get us the result I had hoped for.  The ability to do remote meetings saved us a lot of time in not having to travel.

    P Mc G
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    Friendly, professional, nice offices plus a compensation figure that was amazing; excellent all round- thank you all at McNultys but especially Heather for her patience.

    M C

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