Medical / Clinical Negligence

If you have suffered an injury resulting from substandard medical treatment, you could be entitled to claim compensation. Medical negligence occurs when the treatment provided by the healthcare professional is below a competent level causing an injury to the patient.

We understand that you may be struggling financially as a result of your injury, due to medical bills or having to take time off work to recuperate. We will take the time to assess your circumstances to check if you are entitled to receive Legal Aid or we can discuss alternative funding options with you.

What you should do if you believe your healthcare professional has been negligent?

If you believe that you may have a claim for substandard medical treatment try to:

  • take photographs of your injury; write on each photograph the date it was taken
  • write down your version of events whilst it is still fresh in your memory, as memories often fade and a written version of events can be very useful later on
  • keep an ongoing written record setting out how you are coping with your injury
  • record dates you attended hospital or GP appointments in connection with your case
  • keep all receipts of items you have purchased in connection with your injury in date order

Our expertise

We have experience in dealing with all types of claims for medical negligence including:

  • unnecessary delay in diagnosis
  • misdiagnosis of an illness or injury
  • dental negligence claims including negligently fitted veneers
  • birth injury claims
  • mistakes made during surgery or unnecessary surgery
  • errors during or as a result of private cosmetic surgery
  • mistakes in treatment received in Accident and Emergency departments
  • faulty hip or knee replacements

How we can help with medical/clinical negligence claims

We have many years of experience advising on medical negligence claims. We understand, especially in cases where children are involved, that your emotions may be running high. You will find that we deal with all claims with the utmost sensitivity, compassion and confidentiality and we will fight diligently in your corner to ensure you receive adequate compensation.

To find out more about how we can assist you with your personal injury claim, please call us on 028 8224 2177 to make an appointment.

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We were very satisfied with the result of the case taken against the hospital on our daughter’s behalf.  Cathal Murray and Heather kept us well updated during the case.  The hospital never admitted fault but finally agreed after many years and at the door of the court, to pay £1 M in compensation.  Thank you all at James McNulty & Co.

B & S McC
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We took a case on behalf of our son for compensation that few thought we had any hope of winning.  After several years we received an offer of £40K which Cathal Murray advised us not to accept and the Court later awarded us £80K.  Thank you Cathal and all at McNultys for believing in us and for your patience in achieving such a great result for us.

M & M McI
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A great firm to do work with.  They got a brilliant result for me when the hospital messed up my elbow.  I was unable to return to work for over 12 months.  They recovered loss of earnings, payments I made to have somebody cut the lawn and decorate when I couldn’t as well as money for the pain and suffering part of the claim.  I would recommend them strongly.

A M.
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Thank you James McNulty & Co for sorting out the disastrous result the hospital made of me after an appendix operation.  The consultant I went to see in Dublin was excellent and provided a very supportive report.  As a result I received a large award out of court settlement to cover the scarring left on my tummy as well as my loss of earnings when I was in hospital for the corrective operation.

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Decent firm of lawyers who do what they say they will at the outset.  I gave them a detailed statement at the beginning and they worked away for a few years getting notes and expert reports and finally a sizeable cheque that I was very happy with.


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