At James McNulty & Co Solicitors, we have many years’ experience supporting family members of deceased, businesses and health professionals at inquests. We deal with all cases in a sensitive, compassionate manner and never lose touch with the human side of death.

Looking after you

Cathal Murray, our senior partner, runs our inquests team. Cathal understands how to protect the best interests of his clients at an inquest hearing and provides them with the confidence to answer questions from the Coroner and the media.

The purpose of an inquest is to establish who has died and, if possible, how, when and where a death occurred. For all parties involved, the examination by the coroner or judge into the circumstances surrounding the death are understandably traumatic and difficult.

Over the years Cathal has represented the bereaved in inquests where a family member has died in unusual or contentious circumstances. These have ranged from inquests into the Omagh bomb in 1998 to deaths as the result of car accidents, farm tragedies or following contact with state agencies.

We will advise you on all the legal matters that may lead on from an inquest including:

  • Securing financial support for the family by pursuing a compensation claim
  • Dealing with the Health & Safety Executive and the Coroner’s Office
  • Liaising with the media
  • Dealing with Health and Social Care Northern Ireland staff and representatives
  • Administration of the deceased’s estate

Let us support you

We understand that for most people, attending an inquest will be a new, stressful and often frightening experience. If you are called as a witness at an inquest, Cathal will guide and support you through the process, ensuring you are as confident and comfortable as possible with the process.

To find out more about how we can assist you with inquests matters, please call us on 028 8224 2177 to make an appointment.

James Nulty  & Co prepared us for our daughter’s inquest which was a very traumatic experience for us.  We were glad of their help in in going through the case with us in detail in advance and preparing us for the inquest.


Cathal Murray was very understanding of how sensitive our case was and prepared us well for the trauma of the inquest- thank you for your help.

P & M

I had to attend an inquest after my husband’s tragic death which I did not look forward to.  McNultys have been the family solicitors for years and they provided me with great support at such a traumatic time.


Thanks for your help at such a difficult time in my life.  The time, patience and assistance given to me by Cathal Murray was greatly appreciated by myself and the wider family circle.


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