Enduring Power of Attorney

We all believe we are invincible to some degree. However, a time may come when you are incapable of managing your property or financial affairs and will need someone to do this for you. Mental incapacity can happen to anyone at any time, often without any prior warning.

Why an Enduring Power of Attorney is important

An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) allows you to appoint a friend, your partner, spouse or another relative to manage your affairs on your behalf, should you become mentally incapacitated. If you have property, investments or other income, you should consider having an EPA drawn up to give you the comfort of knowing that someone approved by you will look after your affairs should you become unable to as mental incapacity can happen to anyone at any time, possibly by accident or through illness, for example if you were to suffer a stroke or injuries sustained in a serious road traffic accident requiring full time nursing care.

You can limit the power your elected attorney has to certain parts of your affairs; for example, you may wish them to handle your money but not be able to sell your property. You can cancel or amend your EPA at any time whilst you are mentally capable. We normally recommend clients to have an EPA prepared in conjunction with their Will.

Why choose us?

At James McNulty & Co Solicitors, we will take the time to listen to you and ensure that your wishes are clearly documented. Our solicitors, Deirdre McSorley, Eileen Hackett and Shauna Allison are experts at drafting EPAs and you can be confident that by engaging them, your EPA will communicate your instructions to the letter.

To find out more about how we can assist you with advising on and drafting an Enduring Power of Attorney, please call us on 028 822 42177.

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When we made our wills with James McNulty & Co they advised us to also make an enduring power of attorney too which we did and we are now content that we are well prepared should anything happen to either of us.

T & D M
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I was very happy with how Deirdre McSorley advised us in regard to making EPAs.  Deidre’s attention to detail means we are covered for all eventualities.

S & W I
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Very good firm to deal with in all aspects from reception through to solicitor.  The costs were fine for their knowledge and what they did.

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Very comfortable office and their experience in this area comes through as Shauna Allison was able to tell us the substantial costs we were saving in making EPAs rather than risk having to go through Controllership.

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Eileen, thanks for your help in making our EPAs, that we regard as an insurance policy which we hope we never need, but better to have in place just in case we do.

M & P McD

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