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Dealing with estate debts as an executor

Even if someone is wealthy their estate may have debts to be dealt with after their passing – it is reported that Michael Jackson died with around $500 million worth of debt. Find out how to manage expectations if there are debts following the passing of a loved one here. Dealing with estate debts If you are an executor [...]

What does an Executor do?

Few people realise how complicated and time-consuming Executor’s duties are. Furthermore, mistakes in obtaining probate and/or administering an estate can lead to destructive family disputes and leave the Executor personally liable if a claim is commenced in court. By entrusting us to advise and represent you, you can be confident that your duties as an Executor are performed correctly. [...]

Six reasons why everyone should have a Will.

A Will is a legal document that spells out your wishes regarding care of your children, as well as distribution of your assets after your death. Here are 6 reasons why everyone should have one: 1. It gives you certainty over who will administer your estate and, more importantly, who will benefit from it. 2. We provide you with [...]

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Are you concerned about being injured at work?

Our winters are no joke. If you are working outside, the chances are that you are going to encounter bleak weather conditions. Employers can’t alter the weather, but are they doing everything that they should be doing to keep their employees safe? There are any number of occupations which would require a person to be outside at least some [...]

Meeting your conveyancing solicitor, what you need to prepare

Preparing and collecting all the information for your first meeting with your conveyancing solicitor, whether that meeting is face-to-face or virtual, will get your transaction off to a good start. Here Deirdre McSorley, a residential property solicitor with James McNulty & Co in Omagh looks at how you can help to get things moving quickly. Prepare ID and source [...]

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Five more potential problems with your property’s title (and how to fix them)

As many buyers look to take advantage of the temporary stamp duty holiday, now could be the right time to sell your home. To ensure any sale progresses smoothly, it is important to make sure the title to your property is in order. Last month, we outlined five potential problems with the title to your property. In the second [...]

What happens if you die without a Will?

What happens if you die without a Will? Your nearest, but not necessarily your dearest could get all! If you don’t have a will when you die, a position known as “intestacy”, the laws of intestacy come into effect. Your property and assets could be distributed in a manner which you may not have wished for. Therefore, your property [...]

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The second step in making your Will

The second step is to establish what you want to do especially if you have kids. For a couple, there are two scenarios. The first part would be if something happened to one of them and the second part would be if anything happened to the both of them. If people have kids, the biggest thing is who looks [...]

Five potential problems with your property’s title (and how to fix them)

The easing of lockdown restrictions, a buoyant property market and the temporary savings on stamp duty mean now could be the ideal time to sell up and buy your next home. Getting the timing right could be more important than ever and, once you have accepted an offer, you will want your sale to progress smoothly and quickly. Making [...]

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